Over the years, I-CON has lost some valuable friends from all sides of the convention.  While this is by no means a complete list, we would like to take the opportunity to thank each of them and their families for all they brought to I-CON, helping to shape it into the event it is today. If you have a name you would like added to our memorial roster, please stop by the info desk during the convention.

Staff & Friends:
Art Brooks
Kellyann Cataro
Diane Brown
Jeff Glass
Edward Goldstein
Charles Graff aka “A.D. Chase”
Robbo Kalman
Lincoln ‘JBADGER’ Kliman
Johnny Madonia
Drew Martin aka “My Little Pony”
Bryan Pedersen
John Pilkington
Larry Scharf
Lisa Selitzer
Laura Stauffiger
Janet Widmark

Guest & programming participants:
Forrest J. Ackerman
Anthony Ainley
Poul Anderson
Isaac Asimov
Jim Baen
Kenny Baker
Ian Ballantine
Betty Ballantine
Richard Biggs
Robert Bloch
Algis Budrys
John Buscema
Octavia Butler
Jack Chalker
Hal Clement
Arthur C. Clarke
Dave Cockrum
Gene Colan
Don S. Davis
L. Sprague de Camp
Catherine Crook de Camp
Thomas M. Disch
James Doohan
Max Dresden
George Alec Effinger
Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
John M. Ford
Robert Forward
Frank Kelly Freas
Ray Gallun
E. Gary Gygax
Don Heck
Tim Hildebrandt
James P. Hogan
Janet Kagan
Andreas Katsulas
Damon Knight
Paul Lauterber
Mark Lenard
Frank Belknap Long
Dr. John Marburger
Anne McCaffrey
Dwayne McDuffie
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre
Sam Moskowitz
Terry Nation
Jon Pertwee
Jeanne Robinson
Gene Roddenberry
Majel Barrett Roddenberry
Conrad Ruppert
Fred Saberhagen
Julius Schwartz
Robert Sheckley
Charles Sheffield
Deke Slayton
Frank Springer
Chris Steinbrunner
Curt Swan
Ron Walotsky
Jack Williamson
Kim Yale
Roger Zelazny